haremlover 发表于 2016-2-9 02:11:55

Fake Cheap TPE dolls

On Ebay, Aliexpress and Alibaba there are TPE dolls which look like WM / Jinsan dolls but which are not made by WM.

WM and Oriental Rose have warned that these dolls are bad quality with skeletons which break and TPE which tears.

These dolls look lovely in the adverts

but after two months,
deterioration is severe.

Only buy dolls from genuine and respected sources!

Best wishes


haremlover 发表于 2016-2-19 05:44:10

It gets worse . . .

It's vital to buy from a genuine authorised reseller

Best wishes


admin 发表于 2017-4-9 00:46:52

It's too terrible,What brand is this doll ?
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